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The Splinters Ensemble were formed in Autumn 2015 by ACCENT MUSIC EDUCATION HUB and HALTON AND WARRINGTON MUSIC SUPPORT SERVICE in response to an opportunity to perform at the Brent Music Service bi-

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annual celebration concert at Wembley Arena.  HWMSS tutors and composers Lucy Pankhurst and Paul McGhee were commissioned to write a bespoke piece for this performance, entitled 'Splinters', which was performed in their first ever concert to an audience of over 5,000 spectators!


It was from here that their journey began.....


With the performance having been such a huge success, both aesthetically and musically, it was decided that the ensemble had to continue.  Since the inception of the group, the focus has been on working on bespoke projects - with new music commissioned for each new project, looking to push both performers and audience members.


2018 saw the performance of their latest collaboration, 'Grimm Tales 2018', a modern-day take on stories from the Brothers Grimm.  Working with the music and arts department from the Heath High School,  Grimm Tales saw the band morph into a 'ballet' orchestra - delighting the packed audience at the Brindley Theatre.  2019 already has much to look forward to with the group, with a CD recording, new project/commission and concert tour to Belgium planned.

Due to the high demands placed on the performers when rehearsing a new work for a project it was decided that rather than be a sessional ensemble, who have periods of no rehearsing, that we needed to have something that was not as serious -

where everyone could let their hair down.  The Street Band was formed early in 2017, with the aim of being more fluid in rehearsal structure and allowing the performers to fit rehearsals in around exams etc.


The Street Band performs pop/rock/metal/dance music from the 70's onwards, fusing their enthusiasm for music with their progressive outlook to create dynamic arrangements of classic tunes!  With an ever expanding catalogue of music they now have a varied set-list that continues to grow, with music ranging from Lady Gaga to Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers to Ed Sheeran and the White Stripes to A-Ha - no music is off limits for this young group of musical daredevils.


From Festivals to Fetes, concerts to carnivals and everything inbetween - there is no party that isn't made that little bit livelier with a little bit of Splinters Street Band music! Come along to one of our performances yourself, you will not be disappointed!